With the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer right around the corner, DC has finally teased fans with substantial footage from the upcoming sequel.

The teaser for the trailer, which drops in full on Sept. 14, offers a solid look at the story and action fans can expect when the anticipated follow-up arrives this holiday season. Amidst a countdown for Thursday’s full reveal, the short clip shows Black Manta declaring war on Arthur Curry and all that he holds dear. What follows is a flurry of action sequences, teasing the new creatures, technology, and characters joining the underwater world of Aquaman.

Alongside Aquaman and Manta in the teaser is Ocean Master, who is set upon by a multi-armed robot straight out of a steampunk story. While Orm was the primary antagonist in the first film, the sequel will see the Aquaman’s half-brother forced to work alongside his former rival. Nicole Kidman’s Atlanna can also be seen getting into the action during an epic fight. And longtime fans will also be pleased to see Aquaman astride a massive seahorse at one point during the fracas. 

After numerous release date changes, even the winter release of Aquaman 2 was called into question as the studios have yet to make a deal with the WGA or SAG-AFTRA amidst the unions’ dual strikes. As such, rumors have run rampant about fall and winter tentpoles being pushed into next year. Dune: Part II already saw its debut shifted to 2024.

With little to no marketing so far, DC fans weren’t sure if Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom would arrive during its promised release date. But with a teaser finally unveiled and a full trailer right around the corner, it seems Aquaman will be back to defend the seas before the year comes to an end after all.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters Dec. 20.