The Alternative Press Expo kicks off this weekend at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco. Details are in the link but guests can be scanned here; programming, here. Social events have their own post.

As for what to expect, here’s a quick rundown via our email:

Buenaventura Press has a lot of new stuff including:

Kevin Huizenga and Dan Zettwoch deliver more Amazing Facts & Beyond in Fact Parader!, a new batch of the St. Louis crew’s strip starring trivia maniac Leon Beyond. It’s a mind-melting, fully indexed issue! Grand Hôtel Orbis II is a gorgeous art book published in France that features artists from around the world, such as Blex Bolex, Charles Burns, Frédéric Coché, Daisuke Ichiba, Daniel Johnston, and many more.

• Manga publisher Fanfare/Ponent Mon.

Dean Haspiel has several appearances and panels

• Gay advocacy group Prism Comics has many events, including signings by Christine Smith, Jeff Krell, Sina Grace, and Tony Breed.


Jamaica Dyer:
Debut: Weird FIshes GN collection.

Weird Fishes started as a webcomic in Spring 2008, a preview issue was self-published for APE that year, where it was then picked up by Slave Labor Graphics. The 120 page graphic novel will be available at APE this year, where I am one of the featured guests, will be signing books at the Slave Labor booth and I will be appearing on 3 panels!


• NBM:

If you’re going to the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco the weekend of October 17th, then make sure to stop by the NBM table to meet Ted Rall- he’ll be selling his last few premier copies of THE YEAR OF LOVING DANGEROUSLY (book due in stores mid-Nov.) – as well as Shane White, signing his just released THINGS UNDONE.
Both will have other books of theirs, of course, as well as a smattering of our recent titles to sell! Better yet, credit cards accepted. So there, now you gotta go.



SIREN Comic Collection
250 pages, hardcover, $30

Basically, an anthology of short comics (from 4 to 30 pages) all in one way or another about the same topic.  A bait, and a catch.  We’ve been working on this project for about a year, and this year’s APE will be the first con that we are going to have a table at.  We really wanted to have a lot of different styles included, but really keep the overall quality of the artists really high…. all of us know each other in person and are friends, and most of us are also based in San Fran too.  More info on the site and pics/stuff too.


D-2) Cartoonflophouse#2 Cover
Michael Aushenker
Debut: CARTOON FLOPHOUSE FEATURING GREENBLATT THE GREAT! # 2 at the Cartoon Flophouse table # 284. The issue includes his “autobio” story, “The Secret Double Life of Michael Aushenker.”


Anthology Anthology Cover

Jon Adams
I’ll be debuting my Anthology Anthology at APE. It’s a 36-page anthology of anthology contributions I’ve done and A poster/paper doll kind of thing called Little People Toys.

Little People Toys



Andrew Farago

I’m debuting a new mini-comic, “Fatty Camp: A William Bazillion Adventure.”  Shaenon’s “Skin Horse: Volume One” is making its convention debut at APE.

Lf Escalation Cvr


EARTHBOUND COMICS co-founders Matt Grant and Ben Ferrari will be attending the Alternative Press Expo. The boys from EARTHBOUND will be selling books, t-shirts, prints, and doing artwork when called upon! They’ll have their entire catalog including the LADYFIGHT anthologies, Matt Grant’s MASTORISM series, and Ben Ferrari’s SLEEPBINGER collections.

The big premiere items that we’re selling will be the heroine heavy anthology, LADY FIGHT: ESCALATION, which features the latest installments of “Explosion Proof” by Matt Grant, “Souverain” by Ben Ferrari, as well as the first CAT. 5 story by newcomers Sebastian Piccione and Mike Dreher; and the fifth and latest issue of Matt Grant’s award winning MASTORISM #5. Mastorism won the DRUNK DUCK AWARD for best antagonist this year, and was nominated for two others (best b/w art, and best sci-fi).



Cary Coatney
Beat comment thread fans will appreciate this team-up between Cary Coatney and Christopher Moonlight. Can the world survive?

Cary Coatney’s new Deposit Man issue is now officially off the printer. Picking up from Deposit Man: Playgod Act I, Deposit Man: Playgod Act II finds the Deposit Man teaming up in the afterlife with controversial author and painter Henry Miller to track down a demonic doppelganger molded on the likeness of famed 1920’s flapdancer Josephine Baker – who is rampaging around Heaven causing massive destruction and mayhem masturbation amongst the denizens of the afterlife. Story is written and scripted by Cary Coatney, pencils and inks by famed Carnal Comics, Rock n Roll Comics, Heavy Metal artist,and Stan Back creator Larry Nadolsky, Lettered by Captain Zap creator Oliver Simonsen, and features a gorgeous painted cover by Christopher Moonlight (Moonlight Art Magazine). Special Captain Zap back up story provided by Oliver Simonsen! Book is edited and designed by Alan Sinder (Zen Art Farms).



Brian Andersen
has lots of stuff going on. A sampling:

This coming weekend, Oct 17th-18th, is the always enjoyable Alternative Press Expo, aka APE! I’ll be there with my very own table (Booth #517) filled with many multi-colored gay comics – and my two newest books “Sex and the Superhero” and “A Waste of Time” #2 – and some free t-shirts to the first 10 people to hit up my table each day, two guest creators (both Trina Robbins and Rick Worley will be doing signings), and I’ll also be on the Queer Comic Panel on Sat. the 17th from 2:15pm-3:15pm with other more-talented-than-me creators. Yay!

I will have a brand new comic out called “Sex and the Superhero”. It’s like “Sex and the City” only gayer, and with superheroes! It’s a little naughty, it’s totally funny (I hope) and fully fabulous thanks to the art by the highly talented Neftali Centeno. You can check out a FREE 8 page preview of the comic here.

Kevin Woody:

I’m going to be debuting my very first self-published effort at APE this year.  It’s my very first convention as an exhibitor and, aside from giving away a free mini-comic at APE last year, this is pretty much my first time putting my comics out there in print for the world to see.  It’s very exciting!

I’ll be at booth 413 under Between Mars Comics.  My website is  My book, titled “Kevin Woody’s Between Mars,” will be a collection of three short stories, the bulk of which is a 41-page story about a 19th century Chicagoland town that doesn’t know what a beard is because a masonic-like society of barbers has kept beards a secret from humanity for centuries.  I’m currently posting the comic on my website every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  The book will be 52 full color pages for $12.  I’ll also have stickers, postcards, and buttons on hand at my table.


Haikucomics Bookcover Lores

Haiku Comics

Haiku Comics, which has garnered a cult following for its provocative humor, clever wordplay and macabre fascination with low budget horror films, pop culture, and urban legends, will be celebrating the debut of its first printed collection of comic strips at the 2009 Alternative Press Expo.  The 60-page book’s first printing is a signed and numbered limited edition made especially for the convention. It includes the first one hundred comics from the strip’s archives, as well as an introduction written by the strip’s writer, Robert Olsen, and several pages of additional sketches from the strip’s artist, Nathan Olsen. Show attendees interested in meeting the Olsen brothers or purchasing a copy of the book should stop by table 260.


  1. Ape is always soooo much fun. Can’t wait to get my hands on “Lady Fight”. The first issue was a lot of fun to read, excited to see whats going on in these hot girl’s lives. See you there!

  2. That SIREN collection looks high quality and pretty interesting. I checked out some of the artists’ work through that link..

  3. Smooth one Heidi – real smooth. But hey – finally got some good distribution going with Prism Comics. They should have all the issues up for everyone to buy on their website real soon.