Writenow20Via PR, another print magazine about comics is going to the great newsstand in the sky, as Write Now!, edited by Danny Fingeroth and published by TwoMorrows, will end with its 20th issue.

“Write Now! has had an amazing run, and I’m incredibly proud of what editor Danny Fingeroth has accomplished with it,” offered TwoMorrows’ publisher John Morrow. “Danny has shaped it into the preeminent publication catering to anyone with an interest in the nuts and bolts of writing for the comics medium. If you’ve read every issue, you’ve likely acquired the equivalent of a higher education degree in the intricacies of scripting. But while our readership has been fanatically loyal during its run, both Danny and I feel the magazine has reached a point where the economy is taking a toll on its circulation, and the increasing amount of time involved in its production might be spent more productively elsewhere. So we’ve jointly decided that #20 will be the last issue.”

“Producing Write Now! For TwoMorrows has been one of the highlights of my career,” said editor Danny Fingeroth. “The art and craft of writing comics is something that is often neglected due to the higher visibility of comics art. Write Now gave me the chance to share what I’ve learned about writing over the years with people who are passionate about expanding their writing knowledge and skills. I got to meet and speak with many great creators of all eras during the magazine’s run, getting them to speak about what they do in ways that had seldom been touched on before. And, of course, working with the great John Morrow the rest of the TwoMorrows crew was always a pleasure. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this important publishing entity.”

The last issue will ship in late February. Subscribers will be given several options, including a refund, or applying their balance toward another TwoMorrows book or magazine. Digital and print back issues are available on the TwoMorrows website.


  1. I always enjoyed reading Write Now! and am sorry to see it end. I know I kept all my copies, but it’d be nice to have all the best tips/interviews compiled in a nice squarebound TPB or hardcover book that I could put on my bookshelf. Congrats on a great run, Danny!

  2. Bummer! I enjoyed Write Now quite a bit. Here’s hoping Danny F. goes on to do something else as enjoyable. He has a couple of books on comics out which were decent reads. Maybe more along those lines, or a return to creating comics himself?

  3. Danny, please keep us posted as to what you do next. Hopefull, a nice definitive WN collection will appear on shelves soon. A la the old CBA volumes.

  4. Thanks for the kind thoughts, everybody. There actually is a Best of Write Now trade paperback out, and Mike and I did a book (How to Create Comics From Script to Print) and a DVD (How to Draw Comics from Script to Print) that some of you might find of interest. You can find out about all this stuff at http://www.twomorrows.com. And I’m planning for WN #20 to be chock full of writerly amazement for one and all!

    –Promoting-to-the-end Danny

  5. I got a (signed!) copy of the Best of Write Now! via the Gene Colan auction and it really is chock full of practical advice and a lot of fascinating behind-the-scenes stuff. Recommended for anyone looking for some insight into comics writing.

    Sad to see another comic mag go. While I still think they could benefit from a little flashier design and layout, the TwoMorrows line of magazines are, as a whole, a benefit to fandom.

  6. arrgh … Just the other day I wondered if I should drop some of the TwoMorrows publications, due to budgetary concerns. Now this news … It’s like learning of a person’s death before you had a chance to apologize …

    TwoMorrows publishes some great magazines, but I thought this was terrific. WRITE NOW! was/is a very well-written, thought out magzine. That it focused on the writing, not the art, appealed to me — but, perhaps that’s what also killed it.