At the Kodansha US’s panel at Anime NYC ’23, there came a second batch of licensing announcements to go with the publisher’s previous major announcement of the first English language release for Uta Isaki‘s The Spellbook Library. In total, it announced nine physical releases and two digital releases at the Kodansha panel.

Check out all the physical manga licenses announced at the Kodansha panel below:

Physical Manga Licenses


Written by: ONE
Manga by: Kyoutarou Azuma
Organized by: bose

Centuries ago, the Great Demon Lord and 47 subordinates known as Demon Lords invaded the world, oppressed humankind, and dominated it. Tired of living in fear of the Demons, 47 hopeful heroes gather from across the world in a last-ditch effort to save humanity by opposing the demon army and winning back humanity’s freedom…or they will die trying!

Pupposites Attract

Created by: Hono Natsuna

Chiharu Kagura spends all her time with her sweet Rottweiler, who might weigh as much as her. Meanwhile, Kiyotaka Tsujii just can’t get enough love from his tiny Pomeranian. When the seemingly mismatched pair has a meet-cute moment at the part, could it be the start of an unlikely friendship—or maybe something more?

The Boy I Loved Became the Jaded Emperor

Original by: Bekio
Manga by: Ii Oshikawa
Character Designs by: Mitsuya Fuji

After witnessing the woman who saved him’s death, Prince Alexei vows revenge and turns bitter and jaded, eventually taking the throne and becoming Emperor. Little does he know, the woman’s also been reborn as a Duke’s daughter, and she has a secret. When fate throws them together, will they recognize each other, or will their jaded pasts keep them apart?

Snow & Ink

Created by: Miyuki Unohana

After a sardonic criminal is accused of slaughtering an entire villager, he is mysteriously bought by the daughter of a wealthy family. Because the world has also shunned her, she believes the criminal might provide her the solace she needs on her journey to the barren north, as they both carry a certain darkness in their hearts. 

Home Office Romance

Created by: Kintetsu Yamada (Sweat and Soap)

One benefit of the pandemic lockdown is that Nokoru can finally telework at home, giving him time to rediscover old passions and new hobbies. He also meets his next-door neighbor, Natsu, building a relationship when most human-to-human interaction is halted.

Kusunoki’s Flunking Her High School Glow-Up

Created by: Mitsuki Mii

Due to their good looks, former middle school outcasts (shhh, don’t tell!) Keisuke Shizuki and Shizuka Kusunoki are high school royalty. However, Kusunoki still struggles to develop the social skills to match her new friend group, and she is eager for Shizuki’s help if only he could get over his phobia of pretty girls!

Spoil Me Plzzz, Hinamori-san!

Created by: tsuke

Ichigo Hinamori always admired her senpai, Yaya Suou, for her poise, impeccable grades, and kind heart. But that changed one day after seeing Yaya in the nurse’s office in school, where she was crying like a baby about no longer wanting to be an honor student and wanting to be spoiled rotten instead. To make matters worse, she’s hoping that Ichigo will be the one to indulge her.

Sheltering Eaves

Kodansha Sheltering Eaves

Created by: Rie Aruga (Perfect World)

When Yoru was ten, she was sent to live in a children’s home because of her abusive mother. When she arrives, a ten-year-old boy Tenjaku takes Yoru under his wing. From the creator of Perfect World, “this story follows a pure romance that has blossomed in an unfair and cruel world as it explores Japanese society’s treatment of those who are most innocent.”

Your Lie In April (Omnibus)

Created by: Naoshi Arakawa

Naoshi Arakawa’s beloved romantic drama about relearning to fall in love with music—and life—returns in this brand new omnibus edition!

Kōsei Arima was a piano prodigy. However, the pain from his cruel, taskmaster mother’s sudden death drove him to abandon the piano. So, he resigns himself to a monotonous, bland life until he meets Kaori Miyazono, a violinist with an unorthodox style. Can Kaori teach Kosei how to start living again?

Check out all the digital manga licenses announced at the Kodansha panel below:

Digital Manga Licenses

Sayabito: Swords of Destiny (Release Date: December 5, 2023)

Created by: Uta Isaki 

From the creator of Is Love the Answer? and The Spellbook Library comes an exciting new fantasy battle manga—the author’s debut, now available in English!

Sayabito are human weapons constructed for a great war, tightly bonded to those who wield them. However, some sayabito lost their wielders during the war and are now vulnerable. Though the fiery and impatient Rivia and her cautious partner, Kuifa, frequently exasperate each other with their clashing approaches, they share a common goal: looking for vulnerable sayabito to register so that they can protect them before they wither away or are exploited. 

Don’t Tempt Me, VP! (Release Date: December 19, 2023)

Kodansha Don't Tempt VP!

Created by: Kana Nakatsuki

27-year-old Maki Enomoto swore off relationships after her ex-boyfriend made her joint guarantor on a loan before promptly ghosting her with a mountain of debt. Now, she wants to live a quiet otaku life—alone. She will work her office job to pay her ex’s monthly repayments, then devote the rest of her paycheck to her virtual boyfriend Allen-kun, who is hot, kind, and dependable in a way that real-life men aren’t. Or, at least, that’s her plan. When the hotshot young VP who keeps getting on her case about deadlines and deliverables shows up with a rather interesting proposal, Maki must decide if she’s ready to roll the dice one last time…

So, this wraps up all the exciting announcements from the Kodansha US panel at Anime NYC ’23. What are your thoughts on these announcements, and are there any titles that excite you?

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