The start of a new week brings work, school, and yes more Secret Wars branded books from Marvel. Today Buzzfeed had the exclusive reveal as Marvel is set to bring the 1602 universe to the event with Asgard’s favorite assassin, Angela.

1602: Witch Hunter Angela brings the Neil Gaiman created character to the Neil Gaiman created timeline for a rewrite of some real world history. The series will be co-written by Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett with main story art by Stephanie Hans. Also included will be five page backup stories drawn by various artist not yet named.

When asked for plot details Bennett had this to say, “Queen Elizabeth has been recently murdered, King James has ascended the throne, and throughout the entire country there’s a persecution of those who are considered witchbreed, which is the 1602 equivalent of mutants. We’re combining this history and this flourishing time of Western literature with the mythology of the Marvel universe.”

We’ll also be seeing new 1602 versions of characters such as Bucky Barnes and the Guardians of the Galaxy. No series length or release date was given.

Angela1602_1 Angela1602_4 Angela1602_3 Angela1602_2



  1. Shoehorning Angela into the 1602 universe that was created to help fund Gaiman’s lawsuit against McFarlane is pretty Meta. Forget salt, they’re basically sh*tting in that wound.

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