Please enjoy this brief satirical cartoon by BRIT Harry Partridge, showing what AKIRA, Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic cyberpunk vision of a future Tokyo, would be like had it been made in America. Of course, a live-action AKIRA is supposedly underway, with Leonardo DiCaprio, maybe, playing Kaneda. Maybe it won’t be as funny as this.

[Via Cartoon Brew.]


  1. Of course, the funny thing that hit me was the pizza hut product placement. Actual anime Code Geass, and I think one other now, has had Pizza Hut product placement (in)famously inserted into its story. They even had one ep where they use giant mechs to create a giant pizza at their school. No, seriously.

  2. think he is a great person he wants to take care of the envoirment he is a very talented actor i think he is gorgeous as well i adore his blue eyes he is my idol i love what he does and how he does it if i could only meet one person it would be him ps. i love his 6 pack