Allen, Son of Hellcock.  You’re probably wondering what’s up with the title.  Short version: the two writers are Will Tracy, who used to be EIC of The Onion and writes for Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Gabe Koplowitz of Viceland.  See, now you’re not confused about the title anymore.

The OGN is about a young man who’s father wants him to follow in the family business and be a mighty warrior, but he’d rather be draw comics for a living.

They acquired some priceless blurbs from the like of Tom Hanks, Dave Eggers and John Oliver, so read on…

Official PR follows:

“I don’t often provide blurbs for books, but when the writers literally have you chained to a wall and are refusing to let you leave before you give them one, you tend to relax your standards. Enjoy this book. I did. Now let me go, please.” — John Oliver

“As an unsolicited exercise in juvenilia, ALLEN: SON OF HELLCOCK is very funny and wonderfully illustrated. I was equally surprised by how much I liked it and that it existed at all.” — Jesse Eisenberg

“I’ve known Gabe Koplowitz since he was 9 years old, and I’m baffled by this. I thought maybe he’d be a doctor — I was thinking podiatrist. But now this… What is this? Is it about vikings or Millennials? And is Allen wearing tights? Why is Allen wearing tights? And who is Will Tracy? I think this Will Tracy is a bad influence.” — Dave Eggers

“The Fatheads who wrote  ALLEN,SON OF HELLOCK, don’t laugh at jokes. No. They listen, then nod their heads, sagely, and make comments like ‘ah, yes.  That is quite funny’ and ‘I see what you are doing, verbally, with the use of outrage-e-osity vis-a-vis logic.’  They make up words like ‘outrage-e-osity’!  Honestly! I have no time for any of them…” — Tom Hanks

From the comedic minds of Will Tracy (Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, The Onion), Gabe Koplowitz (VICELAND), and acclaimed international artist Miguel Porto comes the original graphic novel  ALLEN, SON OF HELLCOCK, that rare literary debut that has it all: washed-up sorcerers and swordsmen, terrifying horse-donkeys, sensitive ogres, cynical blob-men, ornery minotaur landlords, an exceedingly polite retired despot, a black-hearted but oddly lovable villain, an idealistic young woman who’s the only one with any brains, and a would-be warrior who can’t seem to escape his own hackneyed destiny . . . But mostly, it’s a story about a boy and his father. See, living in the shadow of your father’s legacy can be a tough thing, especially if your dad was the mightiest warrior to ever live.

ALLEN, SON OF HELLCOCK follows the misadventures of Allen, a slack jawed hipster who desperately wants to cast off his family’s legacy …. to embrace his lifelong dream to become a comic book artist. It’s the perfect father’s day gift for anyone with an overbearing dad, which is why it’s ever so perfect that Z2 Comics will publish the graphic novel on October 31, timed to Halloween.


  1. Sounds like Son of Zorn.

    Also, remember when this was a monthly comic that just stopped coming out with no explanation? I do.

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