We’re told that Stephen King will be on NPR’s TALK OF THE NATION on Wednesday March 12th from 2:30pm to 3:00pm EST live to promote the launch of DARK TOWER II: THE LONG ROAD HOME comics series (which will be a hardcover release in November 2008) from Marvel. The book came out last night in a midnight launch at many stores nationwide.


  1. I’ll have to check that out. I am so into anything and everything Dark Tower, right now. It’s pure, great, unapologetic, fun. I’m reading Wolves of the Calla, right now, and it seems to me that there are so many arias for the comics to expand upon. I’m really excited to read The Long Road Home.

  2. The seven book series is one heck of an adventure. I still have not read the comics.

    Part of me wants the characters to be the way they looked in my head as I read the books.

    But what does that mean, that I should draw my own comic version to read?? ha ha

  3. Did you ever think you’d live to see a world where no one less than Stephen King would be promoting comic books for Marvel Comics– on National Public Radio no less— a book which made the Amazon 100 (if I’m not mistaken)– and that we’d be simultaneously reading about all this on something called “the internet”?

    Or that a Pulitzer Prize winner would be writing about superhero costumes in the New York Times…comic book movies top the Hollywood charts…etc. etc.

    And for all of this to be taken seriously by the people we used to jokingly refer to as the “civilians”– ie– non-comic book fans?

    It just seemed a good moment to reflect on how much things have changed in the last 10 or 15 years.