Metal is one of the many genres of music I listen to almost daily or while creating art. From Heavy Metal, Nu Metal, and even Symphonic Power Metal by bands such as Nightwish

It always excites me to hear how an artist I’ve been following and even whose works I’ve reviewed in the past is involved in the scene. That artist is Acky Bright, for those who have read The Beat’s previous articles, might recognize as the mangaka behind the WcDonald’s promotional manga earlier this year. 

Acky Bright is a highly acclaimed manga artist and illustrator whose style pays homage to what is considered to be the golden age of manga and anime. He has lent his talents to companies such as DC Comics, Marvel, McDonalds, and even Netflix with the creation of the official coloring book for smash hit series Squid Game

For his latest project, Acky is collaborating with the heavy metal band ASTERISM for a new concept album called PLANET OF METAL. It is a 7-song album that takes listeners on an adventure surrounding a fictional planet filled with violent creatures caused by a horrific curse. Each track has the listeners battle the forces controlled by the Mysterious Mechanical Skull, which is the source of the curse that has its firm grasp on the planet.

planet of metal album cover

It’s interesting to hear how Acky created the cover art for the album, since it reminds me of the fun I had creating the cover art for the band This is Podracing’s single Home is where the house is (shoutout to This is Podracing and Karmella). 

What’s even more exciting is that Acky Bright not only collaborated with the band for the album cover, but there’s also an art book included with the Deluxe Art Book edition. A 28 page book with even more illustrations by Acky in an A4-sized book is included, along with some limited time goodies available for purchase on the album’s official site. The physical version of PLANET OF METAL, including the Deluxe Art Book Edition will be released on June 26, 2024, with pre-orders available now.

ASTERISM and Acky Bright will also team up to promote their album with a weekly Instagram live show co-hosted by Bright and the band’s guitarist/vocalist HAL-CA. The “POM POM PLAY” live show will feature music performances and live drawing sessions with English translation for international fans and can be watched on HAL-CA and Acky Bright’s Instagram accounts for those interested in tuning in!

Lastly, there will be a series of song clips with visuals from the art book that will be posted on social media each week. This will lead up to the music video premiere of “The Titan” on July 3 on ASTERISM’s YouTube Channel to add yet another layer to the collaboration.

So what do you think about this cool collab news? Will you be giving the album a listen? What about the artwork? Let us know down in the comments below! Planet of Metal is also available now to stream worldwide on Spotify! Feel free to follow ASTERIM on their YouTube, X/Twitter, and Instagram as well as Acky Bright on X/Twitter and Instagram

Until next time, my adorable nerd birbs <3

Special thanks to Adam Wescott for the wonderful assist.