In the hilarious webcomic Beware of Toddler by George Gant, readers will follow the adventures of a man and his daughter… and the ensuing power struggle is entirely entertaining!

Scrub ’em!

Man vs. Toddler

The weekly gag strip regularly pits a father against his toddler daughter (and I am sure very few readers will be surprised to learn that the daughter ends up with the upper hand the majority of the time).

GENDER REVEAL PARTY: There were no survivors.

With strips that cover everything from electronic tablet warranties to gender reveal parties, Beware of Toddler surveys every aspect of parenthood… especially the aggravating angles. And while the occasional supporting character does appear, the majority of the strips are focused on father and daughter, keeping the comic tight and on-target.

Beware of Toddler
If you’re a parent, you may see yourself in this comic.

Beware of Toddler has been regularly updated since June 2019, and there are currently over 170 entries for you to peruse.

On top of all this, last week, the strip was nominated for a 2021 Ringo Award for “Best Humor Webcomic,” so you know it’s going to be good!

Beware of Toddler

You can also read Beware of Toddler on Webtoon, if you’d prefer.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in a physical version of the strip, make a note of the upcoming Kickstarter for the Toddlerhood collection, which will be launching later this year, in October.

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