If someone you love goes missing, the devastation is indescribable. While you may learn to live without that person, their absence is always felt. But what happens when family members who have been missing for decades start returning? Even more disturbing, they start washing up in the ocean waves. That is the strange, creepy phenomenon occurring in Deep.

Written by Towoo and with art by Taw Heon Kim, the Webtoons horror series follows what happens when people who have been presumed dead for years start reappearing. Naked and in a seemingly vegetative state, each returned person seems to be hovering somewhere between life and death, but why they are back is a mystery. Oh, and they haven’t aged and they just wash up on beaches after a massive wave comes in.

The overall vibe of the comic is unsettling, especially panels featuring the dead-eyed family members. While their loved ones are overjoyed at their return (and overlooking the strangeness and creepiness of it all) there are some who are questioning if these beings really are who they seem and what sent them back in this state.

Deep reminds me of a short-lived television show from 2015 called The Returned, where dead family members started suddenly reappearing. A remake of a French series Les Revenants (I recommend watching both, by the way), the difference in the show is that the living dead seemed normal and actually didn’t realize they were dead at first. What is similar is that their return isn’t quite right or natural, and losing someone a second time is even more devastating for their loved ones.

Deep is available for free on Webtoons. Read the complete series here.