If you are looking for a good blend of action and supernatural, Webtoons’ new free series Keys might be the comic you are seeking. Not only does the story feature rich mythology about demonic forces and their influence on the human world, but there are panels and panels of nonstop fight scenes and supernatural ass-kicking. 

Created by RyaiArt and with edits by Sonia Tagari, the webcomic centers on Caine, a 19-year-old who is a little lost. He needs to work to support himself and his father (they are close to starving at this point), and finding a job is proving to be near impossible. 

After storming out one night, his life’s trajectory takes a massive left turn into the world of Keys, demonic entities spreading their violence and chaos throughout Caine’s hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland. Caine is brutally attacked and his only path to survival is to become possessed by a Key–but this one’s different. This Key is trying to eliminate the others, which confuses just about everyone, including the group of exorcists whose entire mission is to keep these forces in check.  

The visuals are fascinating, particularly during the fight scenes. The way RyaiArt designs the Key powers and how they work to destroy their opponents creates an interesting panel. I also enjoy this new take on demons and the hellish mythology they follow. 

To begin reading Keys, click here. The series updates every Wednesday.



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