Based on the popular indie fighting game of the same name, Skullgirls on Webtoons offers fans the same excitement, mystery, and action alongside the fan-favorite characters they have come to adore. 

Read the synopsis here:

Parasoul, the princess of the Canopy Kingdom follows a trail of misery and murder throughout the city of New Meridian to uncover the crimes of the Medici family. But the threats to New Meridian begin to multiply as her findings bring her closer to a greater enemy. One foretold to return every 7 years…

Created by Mike Exner III, Wiirdo/Pasteldot, and Artist Black, the webcomic is the perfect complement to the game, with its cutesy yet action-packed panels, unique, fierce, and adorable character designs, and layered tale of corruption in the world of New Meridian.

The story gets right to the point, helping the reader feel the fast-paced world of the Egrets, which lends itself to the game-like vibe of the narrative. But that is a good thing; it’s sleek and exciting, and the universe is inviting to new and old visitors of the world. 

Skullgirls updates on Webtoons every Saturday. Begin reading here.