Happy Halloween! You better be reading spooky stuff today, friends. If you don’t have time because you are neck deep in eating your child’s candy (I call it “mommy tax”), then Shards of a Story is the right comic for you.

Created by Pantom, the Tapas horror anthology offers short tales that are filled with some of the creepiest, most unsettling concepts you can find. There are warnings before each episode so readers can decide if the story is something they want to dive into or if skipping to the next is better. Gore, necrophilia, supernatural voices–you name it, it is here.

The web series goes behind the horror and jump scares. It delves into the darkness that humans will plummet into when they are feeling despair, fear, or any other overwhelming emotions. And the art offers just the right visuals to keep the creep factor high.

To begin reading Shards of a Story, follow the link!

Shards of a Story