A good fantasy story needs an interesting, well-developed world in which the characters live and breathe. Runa on Tapas delivers on all fronts. 

With story and art by Parakid and edits by Tessa Murphy and Grace Franzen, the free fantasy comic centers on Runa, who was captured and separated from her twin Rune and is now forced to work for the very Empire behind her village’s destruction. Runa stumbles upon a clue that Rune is still alive after all this time and with her childhood friend, they begin collecting more information to find him and finally break away from the Empire who forces her to work for them. 

Runa is also a mage, and her powers grow more fearsome every day. While that can be an asset, the Empire begins to question if they should promote her or be wary of her.

The story offers plenty of action and a fleshed-out mythology in which the narrative exists. The characters are layered, and the mystery of Rune and where he is becomes more intriguing as little details begin to emerge. Runa herself is an interesting and powerful hero as well as someone the audience can get behind as she navigates her world and attempts to find her lost twin brother. 

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