For anyone who has ever played a tabletop roleplaying game like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, adventuring parties can be interesting. From fun yet frustrating to wacky and maybe just a little too serious, the mix of characters is really what makes these games exciting and memorable. The Weekly Roll brings your adventuring party to life in a humorous–and certainly wacky–way.

Created by CME_T on Webtoons, each episode is short and concise, but pretty hilarious. Read the description below:

“A bi-weekly four-panel comic strip that follows the exploits of a party of adventurers as they walk the fine line between being the good guys and homeless psychopaths for hire.”

I’ve played many a roleplaying session with a variety of players. I’ve also played an assortment of classes and character builds. While the comic is set in a fantasy world, all I could picture were games of my past and people at my table being these ridiculous characters. 

Even if you’ve never played, any reader can appreciate the humor and antics in each installment. To begin reading The Weekly Roll, begin here.


Weekly Roll