No one likes to get lost, especially in a creepy abandoned area with no cell service. In Nonesuch, your life is at risk if you don’t leave with the person you arrived with. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, not when there are several copies of you and your partner running around the old western town of Nonesuch. The longer you stay, the more these doppelgangers are learning, making it harder to distinguish who is who.

Created by The Bitsy Artist, the supernatural series follows Connor and Bridget into the deadly game. The couple gets turned around when they enter the desolate area, and they soon realize that their GPS and phones are useless. After stopping to regroup, the pup in their care runs off, and Bridget loses track of Connor, who chases after the dog. She quickly learns that something is not right. When she finds her partner, Connor is acting weird. And then suddenly there are two versions of him.

The webcomic successfully sets up a tense, unsettling mood right from the start. We are so reliant on our tech to get us out of sticky situations, what happens when it fails? And how well do you know your lover, husband, friend, or sibling? Figuring out who is the real deal, especially when the doubles are adapting and learning so quickly, is more difficult than you would think.

Nonesuch updates every Friday. To begin reading for free, head over to Webtoons.