Haldur has a strange connection to magical creatures. The spirits around his small village of Vikfrost are drawn to him, so much so that they creep into his home and drive his wife crazy. But something is changing in the world of Nidur and its protagonist can feel it.

Created by Linn on Tapas, the fantasy series offers an intriguing tale about a simple human with seemingly supernatural connections to the spirit world. In the opening issue, we see a group of gnomes scurrying around his home and his wife Una at her wits end trying to wrangle the little fae creatures (they are super cute, by the way, and kind of remind me of mini Santas).

Just before the gnome invasion, Haldur experiences an ominous dream that seems to indicate someone is watching him. Unsure of what this could mean, his tension is only heightened when a spirit friend in the woods attacks him as if under a spell. Soon we learn a group of magicians is threatening Vikfrost and the puzzle begins to fall into place.

Besides a great fantasy tale filled with fae, adventure, and a likable main character, the art in the series is spectacular. The black and white pages offer clean, well composed panels, and the artist’s eye for perspective and depth are fantastic.

Nidur updates every Thursday with new installments to the tale. Head to Tapas to begin reading.

Nidur Nidur