Do you know what else I love besides reading comics? Eating. I love food, so when I stumbled upon Cooking Comically on Webtoons I was pleasantly surprised to see two of my loves in one spot.

Created by Tyler Capps, the web series is listed as “informative” but it’s definitely more than that. “An admittedly weird mash-up of comics and recipes that aims to dispel the difficulty of cooking and make your kitchen a place you want to be,” the comic mixes humor, silly puns, and more while offering a delectable recipe for chili, French toast, and other favorites. And the cartoon host keeps things cute and laidback, keeping with the creator’s intent on helping you overcome the “cooking is hard” thing.

While I’ve yet to try any of the recipes, Capps even provides a few tips and tricks to adjust this version to something more to your liking or to better fit your lifestyle.

To begin reading Cooking Comically and to start trying out the recipes, click here!

Cooking Comically