Being a freelancer is tough, especially when your job entails literally summoning demons, or when you’re a demon who has to find a job in the gig economy after leaving your hellacious home. In Jey Barnes‘ Job Satisfaction, a demon summoner named Sinhe brings a succubus into the world for an experiment — but to their surprise, the demon Constance has gone celibate, which throws a wrench in Sinh’s plans. Rather than send her straight home, Sinhe convinces their assistant Lemme to let Constance stay with them for a time.

Job Satisfaction

What follows is a raucously funny, incredibly suggestive story about mismatched friends just trying to make their way through the world. Though the panels are never explicit, Barnes recommends Job Satisfaction for mature readers (18+), due to implied/off-camera sex, references to BDSM, demons, and possession.

Here’s the full synopsis:

Freelance demon summoners ply their trade, smooch demons, dodge judgmental neighbors, and take a hard pass on binary gender. Oh also there’s a succubus who decided to go celibate. Just normal slice-of-life stuff.

Currently in chapter five and updated most Fridays, this comic is a perfect, seasonal read. It also features a visibly disabled character and several non-binary and trans characters. In addition to demon summoning, Sinhe and Lemme transcribe possessions, process filing, and more; when Constance meets up with her other human friends, it’s clear that everyone is working multiple jobs to make ends meet, which the demons in her family just don’t understand. (The economy is pretty broken, so, uh — I don’t blame them.)

Job Satisfaction

For a story with such an obvious supernatural base, Job Satisfaction is super grounded in reality, which makes it all the more fun. You can read at, and for a look behind the scenes, you can support Jey Barnes on Patreon. To keep up with Barnes on social media, follow follow them on Twitter @Dumpysaurus.

Job Satisfaction

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