Remember that customer service job where you couldn’t decide which was worse: the crabby entitled customers or the gross cleanup? In Enjoy the Show on Tapas, Violet has a new gig working at a Las Vegas movie theater, and needless to say, the job comes with a few ups and downs.

Created by Jenna Ashton (Jenna A.) and co-written by Erin Huish, the comedy webcomic is based on Ashton’s own experience working in a movie theater (many of the characters are based on her coworkers). In the story, Violet is looking for a new path in life in the bright lights of Vegas. Landing the job at the movie theater introduces her to a world of whiny customers, quirky staff members, and the perils of burning the popcorn. She may even find love at her new place of employment…

The lighthearted read is fun, mainly because of its relatability. Even if you have never worked at a movie house, anyone who has waited tables, worked in retail, or put in their time in a service environment that deals with the public will be sympathetic to Violet’s experiences. From the colorful (and sometimes much younger) coworkers to the dark parking lots after hours, the reader quickly empathizes with Violet on a few fronts. She’s already a likable character from the jump; navigating the new job through her eyes only makes her more endearing.

Enjoy the Show updates every Sunday on Tapas. Free episodes are up every day.

Enjoy the Show