A princess sacrificed to save her kingdom from a dragon. That same princess will make a wish to finally be rescued after all these years. How did she end up in space? Find out in Space Princess.

Created by Cosmic Spoons, the Webtoons series centers on Princess Lucy, who was taken by a fire-breathing dragon as a deal to save her kingdom. After years of waiting for rescue, Princess Lucy makes a “poorly worded wish,” which lands her on a space adventure. 

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“With help from the mysterious starstone, a fugitive alien prince, and many strange new friends, Lucy must navigate a whole galaxy to get back home, bringing a little bit of magic wherever she goes.”

The sci-fi/fantasy series is sweet, exciting, adorable, funny, and many more adjectives. While you feel for the young displaced princess, you also can’t help but smile as she navigates her new unexpected adventures.

The art is unique and expressive, and the color palette is perfect for the feel of the narrative. The web series is also on the site’s Women Creators list to celebrate Women’s History Month. 

Space Princess updates every Sunday. Begin reading here!


Space Princess


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