Erma just wants to make some friends at school, but she is the daughter of a spirit and doesn’t realize her natural abilities are a little freaky. The little girl’s mom is something straight out of The Grudge and her dad seems like a “normal” living human. Together they create a regular life for their daughter, complete with school, playdates, and babysitters when they need a night out. But Erma’s ghostly side can’t help but make an appearance. She doesn’t mean to scare the crap out of everyone, but she doesn’t know any other way to play.

Brought to you by Outcast Comics and creator Brandon Santiago the comedy-horror series is quirky, cute, and even a little heartwarming. Yes, Erma crawls on walls and ceilings like a ghoulish creeper and yes she may have sent her old babysitter into a padded room, but she really just wants to be like any other kid. It takes a strong, friendly soul to accept her as she is. If that means playing the weirdest, most unsettling game of Hide and Seek, then so be it.

Erma is available for free on Webtoons. There are currently more than 300 shorts featuring the adorable little ghost girl. Begin reading her adventures here.