Caitlin Like’s Maiden of The Machine is one of the coolest, most inclusive and original steampunk books that you’ll ever read, which for a genre based completely around the invention of the fantastical is a big statement!


Elizabeth and Abigail are sisters, they’re women of colour and they just happen to be as different as can be; Abigail is adventurous, out going and longs to explore distant lands, she is also intently focused on caring for her younger sister Elizabeth, who’s bookish sensibilities hide a radical and sharp mind. When Elizabeth is drawn into industrialist M. Lovelace’s world of sky pirates, independence and winged women who hunt at night their lives are changed forever.

This is an incredible book for anyone but especially for folks who enjoy sci/fi romance and steampunk. A super fun romp, with gorgeous art, charming lettering and characters you’ll actually care about Maiden Of Might is one of the best comics on the web.