We’ve all been there. The ex from a relationship you are not quite over resurfaces and your first instinct is to show them how over them you are. You really aren’t over them at all, but they can’t know that. The only logical thing to do is to make them jealous, or at the very least, show them you are sooo past them. For Bea in Brimstone and Roses, her ex-girlfriend is going to her sister’s wedding and there is no way our protagonist can walk in alone. What does she do? Summon a demon as her date, of course.

Created by Mei Rothschild, the supernatural romantic comedy series centers on Bea and her quest for happiness. She’s kind of miserable all around, but she can’t let those closest to her know that. She moves to a new city to find success and happiness only to land in a mediocre version of the job she really wants (a job that she only gets because her sister’s girlfriend-turned-wife helps her). Bea and her girlfriend end up breaking up, and she finds herself alone and unhappy as she watches her sister build a happy life in her own relationship. There is no way she can show her family or her ex how things really are, and in an act of desperation, she makes a deal with a demon. As these things usually go, contracts with an employee of Hell come with a few strings attached. Let’s just say Bea should have read the fine print…

The series is heartwarming, funny, and despite the fact that demon summoning is a little too easy in this universe, it captures what most people feel when they are at a low point in their lives. Lazareth, her demon date, is charming, sarcastic, and amusing, and I’ll be honest, I ‘ship Bea with him more than her potential human lovers.

Head over to Webtoons to begin reading Brimstone and Roses. There are currently 27 episodes available to read, and the story continues every Friday.

Brimstone and Roses Brimstone and Roses