Every vampire tale has a hunter who has the skills, training, and weapons to take down the undead. These characters are smooth, dexterous, and usually have an arsenal of crosses, holy water, and other Christian-based tools to turn the creatures of the night into a dusty (or in some stories, melty) pile. In Benny Beck: Vampire Killer, our main man is Jewish and uses his faith’s Star of David as ninja stars to take down a cabal of Nazi vamps.

Written by our very own Gregory Paul Silber and illustrated by Jonah Newman, the four-page comic gets right to the action. Even though Benny would rather be eating his mom’s brisket, he must continue the centuries-old family tradition of fighting the undead to make the world a safer place. Especially since these are not just plain old bloodsuckers. They are Nazi bloodsuckers, making them a million times worse.

The comic is a lighthearted take on the vampire tale, mixing action and humor in four pages. Benny is cool and calm as he beats Nazi butt and saves the Golem they stole. He’s likable and funny, and hopefully, we get to see more of his adventures. It’s also refreshing to see that other religious symbols besides Christian ones are effective in taking down evil.

Read Benny Beck: Vampire Killer for free here. Follow Silber on Twitter and Instagram @GregSilber, and for Newman, follow @jonahmnewman on Twitter and @jonahnewmancomics on Instagram.

Benny Beck Benny Beck Benny Beck