Now what!

Edited to add: GODDAM WINDOWS.


  1. Hrm. Could they be restarting the Nova Corps?

    Worse yet, does the US government thanks to the SHRA get to say that you don’t get to have powers. You have to be pre-cleared by them…

  2. Do foreign nationals have to register? So there won’t be an Atlantean attack on the USA? And WHAT IF Manorita married one of the Inhumans? What happens when the Public discovers she survived Stamford? And when will Tony Stark bed her?
    Not a bad plot twist, but I know nothing about Nova.

  3. According to the US government, everyone has to register, especially foreign nationals. Hell, they wanted to register the Eternals.

    Interesting question. Thanks to the regristration act, superpowers are now a controlled ability. Do they have it on the immigration forms? Much like the customs forms, if you admit you have an ability upon entry, are you deported or held in quartatine? Or if you enter the country with an ability and register for a visit, you can be called up. We permit non-citizens to serve in the Armed Forces, so if a foreign national enters the US, according to how the titles have been written, they can be immediately drafted into SHIELD or go to jail…

    I have said it before, and will say it again, the SRA doesn’t work even by the rules of the Marvel Universe. It requires so much hand-waving and ignoring that it is just silly.