Disneyland Photos Piratescarrib-250We got a bit of flack in the comments yesterday for saying that Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride is superior to the WDW version. Look, we’re not trying to stir up FL vs CA static here, but this is pretty much common knowledge:
Laughing Place.com:

This is considerably different from MK. It is an 18 minute ride at DL. It is like watching a mini-show. It has two ” drops” during the ride, which adds a little tummy tickle pizzaz. There is also a themed restaurant inside called ” The Blue Bayou” from which you can watch the boats go by.


The queue is better at WDW, but this ride is themed so much better at DL, Haunted Mansion – this is also different at DL, although personally, I can’t say I like one better than the other – they are just “different.â€?

Although the “pre-ride” in WDW is a bit better, and longer with more theming, it cannot compare to the moment on the actual ride at Disneyland, when you glide by the diners at the Blue Bayou before passing the old “Deliverance” guy who is remembering the pirate attack long ago. For years we couldn’t figure out if the people eating were real or not, as the magic slips over you so gradually that you completely immerse yourself in the fantasy.

Speaking of PIRATES, CHUD has a brief interview with screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, whose excellent writing made PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, the movie such a huge hit. Parts 2 and 3 sound a little more…problematic, but we will forgive Ted and Terry anything, even GODZILLA ’98.


  1. The WDW Pirates isn’t as good as the DL Pirates, because there was never supposed to be a WDW Pirates. When they were planning WDW, they left out Pirates, because they wanted it to be DL-specific, and were planning on putting in a Pirates-esque original ride in WDW. But when WDW opened, the guests expected Pirates to be there, and there were many angry people asking “Where’s Pirates?” and Disney shut down the other ride, and instead rushed a smaller Pirates.


  2. I don’t know how anyone could even try to argue that the WDW Pirates is better, Heidi! They are smoking something. Something BAD.

    WDW’s Pirates is a good ride. DL’s Pirates is, frankly, a work of art. I always am struck by those quiet, spooky, pretty much empty caves you drift through on your way to the crazy skull pirate in the storm. What’s the point? Just ATMOSPHERE. No googaws. Just spooky ATMOSPHERE.

    now THAT is some serious ride design.