§ Jeff Smith on PBS News Hour.

§ Jeff Trexler looks at the filing in the WATCHMEN lawsuit. Analyze away!

§ Silver Age Bullpenner Scott Edelman presents an original Stan’s Soapbox manuscript:

One of my duties as an Assistant Editor at Marvel Comics in the mid-’70s was to write all of the text for each Bullpen Bulletins page except for Stan’s Soapbox. (Thanks for the opportunity to channel my childhood idol, Len!)

Which meant that Stan would hand me a yellow sheet of paper each month on which he had typed out his musings, complete with edits in the form of crossed-out clauses and handwritten additions. I’d hand both his text and mine (for the rest of the page) to a different Stan, Stanley Aaron, the typesetter who would make it all look pretty so it could then be pasted up for print.

§ Hope Larson and Bryan Lee O’Malley join Joost Swarte as announced guests at SPX.

§ Have you heard? super girl nada pudica.


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