200611161123ICv2 has an analysis of the surging sales of the 300 graphic novel. Apparently that super-hot trailer has got everyone running down to the store to buy a copy, and Dark Horse has just put in an order for 40,000 more copies. A no-brainer, you say? Yes, but previous Dark Horse movie hits HELLBOY and SIN CITY saw ongoing shortages of books that put a crimp in sales. This time, evidently, Dark Horse has taken the hint and won’t be caught short again:

Having had some trouble in 2005 meeting the unprecedented demand for Miller’s Sin City books, Dark Horse has been very aggressive in scheduling additional print runs for the 300 graphic novel. A tenth printing that will provide an additional 40,000 copies is set to arrive in late November and an eleventh printing is slated for January/February. Dark Horse has already sold over 88,000 copies of Miller’s 300 since 1999 and by this time next year the 300 graphic novel, which won an unprecedented five Eisners, might just be the best-selling single volume historical graphic “novel” ever in the North American market (Larry Gonick’s 11 Cartoon History volumes have collectively sold over 750,000 copies).