The creator of Girls With Slingshots, Danielle Corsetto has proven to be a survivor of this whole ‘internet web comics” business thingy. Having now been running for almost a decade, Corsetto’s strip has grown rapidly, moving from a twice weekly black-and-white series to a now daily, full colour story. With a great sense of humour and a lovely sense of timing, each strip of Girls With Slingshots plays strong to character above all else, all defined by her fun style and expression. Her work has been collected into seven volumes, and you can find the strip every weekday right over here. You can also follow her on the twitters!


  1. She’s also like the nicest person ever. I know my indie brethren would kill me for this, but I think her female figures are in Jaime range, which is the highest possible compliment I can give someone’s art. I think she has the potential, and is already well on her way, to be one of the comic artists everyone thinks of as a master in 20 years.

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