450px-Becky_Cloonan I don’t know why I didn’t think of her earlier. Becky Cloonan was featured in Oprah’s magazine for crying out loud. Becky teamed up with drew the prequal for Brian Wood’s on Channel Zero in 2003. The book was originally published by AiT Planet Lair, but thankfully the good folks at Dark Horse recollected the series with a great introduction by Warren Ellis. Cloonan and Wood went on to create Demo: a beautiful series of stories about troubled youth with supernatural powers that landed her an Eisner nomination in 2005 for Best New Series.  The duo also worked on Northlanders and Conan The Barbarian. In 2007 she was nominated for another Eisner for her work on American Virgin with Steven T. Seagle.


She also published one volume of East Coast Rising with Tokyo Pop, which earned her another Eisner nomination for Best New Series. Becky left her mark on Batman in issue #12, which started a new character Harper Row. She also teamed up with Scott Snyder again and provide art for Swamp Thing #12. Becky also co-created The True Lives of the Fabulous Kill Joys with Geard Way and Shaun Simon, and it’s set to release in June. Cloonan has been a long time advocate of creator owned comics and is currently self publishing The Mire, Wolves, and Dracula.



  1. Her work on The Mire and The Wolves is astounding. Plus she’s super sweet in person and absolutely gorgeous.

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