We’ll kick off a day of Webcomics with something educational. Did you ever wonder if cinnamon comes from giant mythical birds or not? Then Brief Histories of Everyday Objects, by Andy Warner, will be for you.

For the next 24 hours, we’re going to be sharing 24 webcomics with you here on t’Beat. For the most part we’re going to steer away from comics you’ll already be totally aware of – Hark A Vagrant, Achewood, that sort of thing – and towards projects that are hopefully new to you. We’ve got a mix of styles and ideas, and at times we may well stretch the definition of ‘webcomic’ close to breaking point. At the same time, the main goal here is just to share some comics with you. Give them a try!

The first webcomic is Andy Warner’s Brief Histories of Everyday Objects, which was recently nominated for The Stumptown Comic Art Awards.


Taking a different ‘thing’ in each strip and explaining it to readers, the comic reminds me a little of Horrible Histories in the sense of humour it displays. The comic revels in the grossness of the past, and how invention and creation has led our silly species to slowly grow a bit of self-respect. Whilst brief, the comics take the very basics of each invention and make it quickly accessible and interesting – this is a series which writes about postcards and kitty litter, and manages to offer readers an entertaining read each time.

I love this sort of comic, which offers something different and goes along in a different direction. There are currently 12 full strips available at http://tapastic.com/series/303 right now, along with a few other bits and pieces. It’s funny, clever, and very well done indeed. Worth a look!

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