Here’s an oldie but a goodie floating around on YouTube.

BTW, people tell us hey are addicted to YouTube and spend hours searching for this and that…well good for you. The first two things we’ve searched for we’ve never been able to find! That Jack Palance ad where he talks about “vegetables I can identify” and the Geico ad from 2001 or so that’s a “story about a man and a bear.”

Come on! People!


  1. Pekar seems a little off his nut, but he certainly strikes a nerve with Letterman, who starts bringing economic class-directed insults into the mix. By the end it’s embarrassing to watch.

  2. Reality TV before it had a name. Nothing scripted but completely real and raw. Phenominal. This is when TV was great!

  3. Thanks so much for putting that up! I’m a huge fan of Harvey and I’ve never seen that appearance, tho’ I’ve obviously read about it for years. I don’t have the patience to search on YouTube for anything either. This was a real treat.

  4. it’s a show of 2 ego’s going at it. they were both using each other and they knew it.

    this is the result when money gets involved. very interesting.

    thanks Heidi. :)

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