Zombies and Ponies lead digital sales with an Anomaly

Zombies and Ponies lead digital sales with an Anomaly


While we don’t know numbers for digital comics sales, you can always grab a snapshot at the iTunes bookstore. And pre-Wednesday, it’s all WALKING DEAD and MY LITTLE PONY, with only the Brian Haberlin/Skip Brittenham SF epicANOMALY breaking up the monotony. The appearance of ANOMALY is interesting since the book itself is a digital-proof coffee table-sized widescreen extravaganza…however, the digital edition contains extras that seem to have attracted an audience.

We’ll check back tomorrow at the same time to see what the Wednesday crowd is after.



  1. Bryan L says

    I was really hoping “Zombies and Ponies” was the title of an actual comic.

  2. Tyler W says

    Anomaly had an ad on the Nerdist podcast. I had never heard anything about it through traditional comics channels. I’d be interested to see what the make up of the audience for that book is (those fabled new readers perhaps?)

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