Ziggy Marley comic book ad hits Times Square for real


Remember when Mark Millar cleverly used Photoshop to make it look like he was advertising a comic book on a Times Square billboard? Well, something like that actually happened earlier this week when the PR Newswire Bulletin Board ran some press for MARIJUANAMAN, a new comic from Image spotlighting a character created by Ziggy Marley.

The PR Newswire billboard is displayed on the Reuters sign at 43rd Street.

The comic is written by Joe Casey with art by Jim Mahfood.

[Thanks to “AF” for the link.]


  1. AndAndAnd says:

    Wow. This seems like a really dated concept. What next? Keep on Truckin Man and Streakin Man?

  2. Marijuanaman is $20 for 48 pages. I can’t imagine anyone actually paying that kind of a ridiculous price, no matter how awesome Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood make that sucker.

  3. Oops, my bad, $25. Even worse!

  4. Joe Lawler says:

    Yeah, Casey and Mahfood would normally be enough for me to check something out, but not for $25.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d pay more than $8 (softcover) to $10 (hardcover) for something of this length.

  5. Dan deLaet says:

    Ziggy marle, roll the comic and smoke it

  6. Dan deLaet says:


  7. Snikt Snakt says:

    Does it come with a free DIMEBAG?!?

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