Webcomic Watch: Una the Blade

title Webcomic Watch: Una the Blade
It hasn’t really started yet, but Una the Blade is a new webcomic about a single mom barbarian fighter by Steve LeCouilliard, Xeric-winning cartoonist of Much the Miller’s Son. Kinda looks like Lone Sonja and Cub from the development art — promising!


  1. Reaaally love Steve’s artwork on Much the Miller’s Son. Can’t wait for this!

  2. Actually, Steve notes on his site that this is *not* a webcomic: “I’m making each chapter of Una the Blade available as an e-book. I’ll set it up so you can purchase it online by donation, that way I make money and you guys pay whatever you think is fair.”

    Looks great, and well worth it!

  3. eBook or webcomic, I’m all over this. The design work looks amazing.

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