Watch Drinky Crow!

Amazingly, we forgot to tell you about the premiere of The Drinky Crow Show, based on Tony Millionaire’s brilliant Maakies comic strip, on Sunday night as part of the Adult Swim ‘toon block. In these gloomy times, everyone will be needing a drinking buddy, and bibulous Drinky could be just the figurehead we need. You can watch the entire premiere episode online, or watch a bit of it above, as Drinky and Gabby diiscover the joys and dangers of “beer goggles.”

We should note that while The Drinky Crow Show includes the Adult Swim required scenes of vomit and eyeball injury, it also includes a storyline and humor, so it gets a big thumbs up from Stately Beat Manor.


  1. Brian Davison says:

    Well, that was disappointing. I guess they all can’t be as good as THE VENTURE BROS. or METALOCALYPSE.

  2. is that TMBG doing the theme song?

  3. Ok, upon further research:

    A) Yes, that was TMBG
    B) Nice Flight of the Conchords cameo!

  4. What? As if Superjail didn’t have enough storyline and humor with vomit and exploding eyeballs!

    Nothing could be worse than Fat Guy Stuck In Internet.



  5. Tony Millionaire says:

    Yeah,that show B-L-O-W-S-!!!


  6. snoid says:


  7. Don’t worry Tony – your show is going on my permanent DVR all episodes folder. I won’t miss a thing!



  8. What Tony said.

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