Thought for the day

Well, that was a short vacation.


  1. Holy cow.. Disney to buy Marvel. Yeah, so much for that vacation. You might have a big day of work ahead of you.

  2. I thought as much this morning when I scrolled throuh. Sorry, maybe next time?

  3. HAHAHAHAHA. I was thinking about your earlier post and how you said you’d come out of hiding for big news. I guess this counts.

  4. L-Oh-L

  5. Tim at More Fun Comics says:

    Haha! I had that exact thought when I woke up, read your vacation post, then turned on CNBC to see Iger on the screen talking about buying Marvel.

    Welcome back Heidi! We missed you! :)

  6. Oh my god. You are hilarious! Comedy Genius everyone! Take note!!

  7. There may be more work than you expected, Heidi, but you still get to remain at your lovely staycation destination!

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