The Missing Post Caper

dark mysteries
As I mentioned yesterday, I’m blogging from a remote locale, and unfortunately in all the travel tumult yesterday, some posts that were “under construction” were mistakenly posted. I took them down to finish them up and they’ll go up later today. No conspiracies, no pressure groups.

Sorry for all the confusion, and I’ll try not to be such a doofus in the future, although given my track record, that is going to be difficult.


  1. Wow… disappearing posts. I wonder who’s next?

  2. I was awoken yesterday to find a message from the beat asking for post editing for things that were already removed.

    I was very confused.


  1. […] Meanwhile, the Con War has claimed some unusual casualties online. Rich Johnston’s post quoting Wizard writer Mark Allen Haverty’s defense of the Shamus organization’s moves is now missing in action, while Wizard’s own website has been replaced with a bare-bones portal containing little more than links to purchase magazine subscriptions and convention tickets. (The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald also yanked a Con War post, though as she explains, this is because it was an unfinished post that went up accidentally.) Further developments are no doubt forthcoming. […]

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