The Missing KRAMERS caper

There seems to have been a recent rash of comics show crimes, what with a daring theft at NYCC. Alvin Buenaventura reports that two copies of the rare and valuable KRAMERS ERGOT were stolen from his booth at AP. Let’s call this one a brazen heist.

If you have any information that may help apprehend those responsible, please come forward!


  1. Al™ says

    Ah, some people have tons of nerve. Stealing a couple of huge volumes, printed by a guy who went has gone broke.

    This one is probably an inside job, as someone has suggested. These huge books would fit under a convention table. They’d be packed up with other stuff at the end of the show, so you wouldn’t have even seen them leave.

  2. says

    At Baltimore Comic Con ’09, a couple of kids stole Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer shirts off my table. Didn’t catch them, unfortunately. But hey, I guess the shirts were worth stealing!

    At Wizard World Chicago this year, the final depressing moment in a thoroughly depressing show came when an attendee tried to steal a replica lightsaber as the show was closing. A very large security guard tackled the dude, who ended up getting arrested.

  3. Shannon OLeary says

    There’s no way that was an inside job but it’s definitely the job of an asshole.

  4. Al™ says

    By inside job, I meant someone working at the convention. I didn’t intend it to sound as if someone at that very booth had done it, which was an unfortunate implication.

    Oh well, we will probably never know, no sense in me speculating. Now going back to watching Law and Order, Castle and Mentalist.

  5. Julian says

    Jeez that’s really fucking low. It sucks that publishing one of the best comics ever has seemingly brought Alvin nothing but trouble.

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