The First Round of Shocking WTF DC Covers Arrive

The First Round of Shocking WTF DC Covers Arrive

Hold onto your monocles, because it’s time for DC comics to make their first attempt at getting you to drop them in shock. The initial round of April ‘shock’ gatefold covers have been released via various locations – CBR, MTV Geek, DC’s Source blog, and so on – and I’ve collected them here. So far we have, I believe, seven officially released covers from DC, as part of their (formerly WTF) April promotion, from comics including Dial H, Batman, Stormwatch and Swamp Thing.

Each one of these is meant to make you spit out your Pimms in surprise – so, how well do they succeed?

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Personally? Well.. I wasn’t shocked (my monocle remains trusty and proud), but I was pleasantly surprised by some of the stories suggested here. Mr Miracle’s return in Earth 2 is probably the best of the reveals so far, but that new Batwing also looks pretty familiar…


  1. Shaun M. says

    Agreed. Didn’t shout “What the Fuck” or anything, but I am pretty keen on the Mister Miracle reveal.

  2. Moishe Pippick says

    WTF is shocking about those covers? Superman looks pretty ridiculous on that Swamp Thing cover, which itself looks a helluva lot like Rick Veitch’s DC Comics Presents 85 (only uglier).

  3. Irwin Schwab says

    And now you can’t tell that Batwing is black. Good job on diversity, DC!

  4. says

    Can’t say any of the above generated even mild surprise from me, let alone a WTF-level reaction (the new Batwing’s been spoiled for a couple months now, actually).

    Regarding Mr. Miracle, I have a particular, nerdy question. Are the New Gods on Earth 2 the same ones in the New 52? Are they outside both “Earths,” and thus there’s only one set of New Gods, or does Earth 2 and Earth-Nu52 have their own sets of New Gods…?

  5. Mastermind (I tell you what to eat) says

    Nothing shocking or major, IMO, but a fun little gimmick. Some of these stories look fun some look totally deserving of being skipped over.

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