The Hulk joins Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and more in epic Nike ad


The World Cup is coming in June and most of the world, and even an increasing number of Americans, will be stopping everything to watch it. Nike has released a new 4 minute mini film about kids playing a pick up game imagining they are international superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney and more, including Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimović (the guy with the ponytail), Gerard Piqué, Gonzalo Higuaín, Mario Götze, Eden Hazard, Thiago Silva, Andrea Pirlo, David Luiz, Andrés Iniesta and Thibaut Courtois. I also spotted Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva among other sports/Nike luminaries.


Lebron shows what it is really like to wear a superhero mask


I don’t even watch basketball, but while passing TVs of late I noticed some guy playing basketball who seemed to be wearing a sinister mask that made him look like Doctor Doom’s henchman. Turns out it’s Lebron James, who broke his nose a few weeks ago and has been wearing a protective device since then. […]


Valiant wants you to pick a luge suit


When Valiant Entertainment came back, they wanted to make a splash—with strong content, memorable characters and regular shipping. And luge. Because everyone loves luging and lugers. For those who are not winter sport aficionados, this is the sport where people pile into a tiny sled and go feet first down an icy hill. Sometimes two people pile onto the tiny sled.


Who turned the lights out at the Super Bowl: Beyoncé or Bane?


When the Super Bowl at the Super Dome was plunged into darkness by a blackout last night, Twitter immediately pointed the finger at two possible suspects—halftime entertainer Beyoncé ,who doubtless needed a million hair dryers to get her ‘do just so, and alight those neon Busby Berkeley tributes.


Shocker! NFL SuperPro may be appearing in the NFL RUSH ZONE comics


After our mentioning how much the world needs the return of NFL Superpro just the other day, a well-sourced rumor claims that NFL Superpro may make an appearance in Action Lab’s new NFL RUSH ZONE comics.


Beat Man of the Year, Non-Comics Division: R.A. Dickey


Is there a more feel good story anywhere this year than the R.A. Dickey saga?

Once cast on the scrapheap of pitching due to lacking a crucial ligament in his elbow, Dickey went through purgatory and emerged with the determination to claw his way back, and gripping the baseball with his knuckles. The Mets pitcher won his 20th game yesterday, the first Met to do so since 1990, and along the way he’s having one of the greatest seasons ever by a pitcher who specializes in throwing knuckleballs.


The Olympics for Nerds: The Parade of Olympic Mascots

While you may not be interested in sporting events, the history of Olympic Mascots ties into such familiar Beat territory as licensing and furries. According to the Smithsonian , the Germans, who innovated the pictographs we spotlighted earlier, also invented the Olympic mascot with Wendi, a lovable dachshund who introduced the 1972 Summer games in Munich. It was only the beginning of a parade of characters hated and loved, but most often hated.


The Brooklyn Nets will be buying their comics at Bergen Street Comics

On our periodic forays to Bergen Street Comics we’ve been watching the new Barclays Center go up a few blocks away, so it’s good to know that
comics loving Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez knows where to get his books:


No-Han Mania!

So thrilled I got to see the end of this game and the Mets no-hit dearth—a 50-year legacy of 9th inning heartbreak—ended.


Nice art: Not much longer now

Ben Towle’s baseball sketches remind us that pitchers and catchers have already reported.


Super Bowl champion NY Giants get their own graphic novel

It’s a story of twists and turns as only a 9-7 season can be, but perhaps the most incredible thing about
this online graphic novel chronicling the New York Giants’ championship season is that it is being created by someone known as Chris in Philly. Preferring to remain anonymous—surely because his fellow Philadelphians would egg bomb his house if they knew about it—Chris is using Photoshopped archival materials to tell the exciting story of how Eli Manning led his team to a Super Bowl upset of the New England Patriots. It’s a classic story of the underdog coming out on top.


Watch the Guardian Project baffle an arena full of hockey fans

Looks like the NHL is pretty serious about these Stan Lee/Neal Adams superheroes. Above is the 2nd intermission show that was put on complete with video projections, a guy in a costume, a mysterious villain, and narration by Stan “The Man” Lee himself.


Surreal "Guardian Project" may be Stan Lee's greatest achievement yet

When it was announced that Stan Lee would be “creating” a bunch of superheroes to represent the 30 NHL hockey teams, it kind of whizzed by in the blizzard of such announcements of projects Lee was working on this year — he’s surely the world’s busiest octogenarian. However, as the characters are unveiled in anticipation of this weekend’s NHL All-Star Game where they will “come to life” via some unholy method, it’s becoming clear that these characters may in fact be his Clarinet Quintet, his Black Paintings — a twilight exploration of the themes that have preoccupied his work for a lifetime.


Separated at birth?

“Your feeble skills are no match for the dark side!” — Patriots coach Bill Belicheck channels his inner Palpatine.


Marvel's NBA-Mashup

This week’s NBA preview issue of ESPN The Magazine includes special Marvel-themed makeovers of all the teams, and Comics Alliance has the entire gallery. Here are a few to get warmed up: