Miles Morales finds a New Home in Spider-Man and the 616 Universe


With Miles Morales’ home being disintegrated in the pages of Secret Wars #1, the hero needed a new title and world to call his own. Morales is continuing his career as Spider-Man within a title publishing post-Secret Wars known only as Spider-Man. In the unfamiliar environment of the 616 Marvel Universe (the main continuity for […]

Donald Glover cast as the character he inspired


Here’s is a nice story on how actor Donald Glover has been cast as the voice of Miles Morales in an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man. USA Today reports the actor will voice the character next year in an episode of Disney XD’s animated “Ultimate Spider-Man,” which in its upcoming third season carries the subtitle “Web […]

What Should You Buy In August? Seth, Doran, Gillen and more


August! New month, more comics, ’nuff excitement. We have a shuftie round and picked out the comics we’re looking forward to this month:   Jessica Lee: PALOOKAVILLE #21 SETH With an appearance slated for September’s SPX, Seth’s long awaited PALOOKAVILLE #21 couldn’t come out at a better time. With a promised extended continuation of the […]