After Six Issues, Spider-Man could be shifted to a Bi-Monthly comic


There might a bit of a scheduling snafu over at Marvel with the publisher’s Spider-Man ongoing series featuring Miles Morales in the starring role. Writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M) took to twitter to explain why the series has been late, stating that Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli (Spider-Men) needs more time than a week to […]

Preview: Miles Morales stars in Spider-Man #1


Spider-Man is among the titles to get a new, more diverse hero, leaving only Iron Man as the old school white man. Miles Morales will star in Spider-Man #1 which goes on sale Feb 3, final order cut off today. Bran M Bendis and Sara Pichelli, who created Miles for the Ultimates universe, will bring him back in the all new, all different #1. According to Marvel, Peter Parker will also appear in the book, but as an older mentor figure. It’s Miles who’ll be juggling school and world saving, in the Spider-Man tradition.

Miles Morales finds a New Home in Spider-Man and the 616 Universe


With Miles Morales’ home being disintegrated in the pages of Secret Wars #1, the hero needed a new title and world to call his own. Morales is continuing his career as Spider-Man within a title publishing post-Secret Wars known only as Spider-Man. In the unfamiliar environment of the 616 Marvel Universe (the main continuity for […]

Donald Glover cast as the character he inspired


Here’s is a nice story on how actor Donald Glover has been cast as the voice of Miles Morales in an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man. USA Today reports the actor will voice the character next year in an episode of Disney XD’s animated “Ultimate Spider-Man,” which in its upcoming third season carries the subtitle “Web […]

What Should You Buy In August? Seth, Doran, Gillen and more


August! New month, more comics, ’nuff excitement. We have a shuftie round and picked out the comics we’re looking forward to this month:   Jessica Lee: PALOOKAVILLE #21 SETH With an appearance slated for September’s SPX, Seth’s long awaited PALOOKAVILLE #21 couldn’t come out at a better time. With a promised extended continuation of the […]