Black Mask unveils an energetic and diverse 2016 lineup

We Can Never

My familiarity with Black Mask is embarrassingly slim, beyond finding myself in love with the covers of books like We Can Never Go Home and Space Riders. But I’m glad to hear the two-year old publisher had a banner year in 2015, with those two aforementioned hits and the one-shot Young Terrorists. It’s great to […]

REVIEW: Black Mask Studios Hits the Ground Running with TWELVE REASONS TO DIE


Black Mask Studios is the ambitiously game-changing publishing company founded to bring out OCCUPY COMICS and much more, headed by Matt Pizzolo (GODKILLER, HALO-8), Steve Niles (30 DAYS OF NIGHT and much more), and Brett Gurewitz (Epitaph Records). In interviews when the company formally announced itself, they touted a new structural framework for comic book […]