REVIEW: 10 Debuts at MoCCA Fest 2013

MoCCA Fest simulates the surreal experience of swimming in comics, even this year when things were more neatly arranged within their red curtained aisles, and perhaps it was more of a spa experience than it has been in the past. Being more orderly just meant that you were exposed to even more dizzyingly interesting indie books and had an even wider array of choices to make in what you took home. It was an environment in which it was hard to pass up the attractions, no matter how heavy your bags got with fresh and innovative works. Here’s a brief review of each of several new comics I had the good fortune to end up with when I dumped out my tote bag at home, and appended to that a few comics that debuted this year but didn’t make it into our previews list at the Beat since, as the artists have attested, they were up all night tweaking their projects and glad just to get them onto the tables in time for possibly the biggest year in MoCCA Fest history, certainly one of the most memorable.


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