Still on holiday

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Just visiting old friends.

[Photo by Elim Mak.]


  1. and they love when you do.

  2. Is that at Kip’s Bay?

  3. I see you and my wife both are butt women.

  4. Stop sexually harassing the Silver Surfer! You’ll end up on When Fanboys Attack.

  5. The Beat says:

    It is indeed at Kips Bay, but it’s nothing compared to what my friend Sara did to Bart Simpson.

  6. Well Heidi, don’t leave us hanging. Show us the pics.

  7. Patrick Dean says:

    I hope someone photoshops the Silver Surfer grabbing your butt so I can quit feeling so object-o-fied. That will make it all better…

  8. michael says:

    now we know how heidi keeps her friends! ;)

  9. Now, I’ve always wondered where Jim Valentino got the idea for ‘ A Touch of Silver ‘.

    Heidi inspired him.



  10. I too felt compelled to pose with The Surfer when I saw that awesome advert.

    I didn’t touch his butt though.

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