Evelyn Dubocq at Viz is sending out the following statement regarding SHOJO BEAT, confirming that it is ending with the July 2009 issue.

Yes, the final issue of Shojo Beat magazine will be the July 2009 issue which is on newsstands June 16th.

We are very proud of the past issues of Shojo Beat magazine and the efforts of the entire team. The magazine developed quite a fan base but unfortunately in today’s difficult economic climate we felt the need to place our resources elsewhere at this time.

Of course all of our great shojo manga titles previously serialized in Shojo Beat magazine will still be published and available as graphic novels under the Shojo Beat imprint from VIZ Media.

Each Shojo Beat Subscriber will be receiving a free copy of the August issue of Shonen Jump magazine with the pertinent information on what their subscription/refund options will be.

Subscribers and fans of shojo manga can get the latest information on all new Shojo Beat titles and news by visiting


  1. says

    I went to the “graphic novel” section of my library the other day to find that ALL the manga, and a lot of other comics were just gone. While they were careful not to leave any clues, there was the vague sent of warm hard drive in the air. I’m on to you, amazonian agents of the Kindle.

  2. Torsten Adair says

    Mr. Moonlight… did you check the library catalog? It is very likely that the books are circulating.

    The Innocent are being Seduced, by librarians and educators.

    As for comics anthologies on newsstands… Shonen, Shojo, MAD, Nickelodeon. Did I miss any? Does Disney do any specials? The Comics Journal migrated to bookshelves (following Gemstone). That’s where I see the segment going… Viz or Tokyopop sell sampler anthologies to promote each season’s new titles. They stay in print longer, can always be given away free later, and are shelved with the books. Price could be the same or cheaper than the magazine.

  3. says

    Torten, they were gone. I’m talking about eight shelves with only a crumb or two of a comic book. As to where they really went, I don’t know. I was kidding about the wrest. I’m a kidder.

    “The Innocent are being Seduced, by librarians and educators.”

    It always seems to be the girls sports coaches, as far as my local news reports it. KIDDING! I’m kidding. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Sorry. Anyway, it’s a fact of life that if we want the majority to keep reading, then the minority that are compelled to do it have to keep putting literature into kids hands. Hopefully, the less available this stuff becomes, the more “seductive” it will seem to young people, and we’ll see a resurgence. I just worry about what might be lost in the coming digital storm. I also wonder how many times the word kindle comes up in Fahrenheit 451? Oh, come on. A little paranoia never hurt anyone.

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