SD09: Cloonan/Hadley feud SHOCKER

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Via an unnamed correspondent, apparently the Becky Cloonan/Amy Reeder Hadley feud errupted in VIOLENCE over the weekend. Sad that comics have come to this.



  1. Russell Smith says:

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

  2. This can only be settled…in a 15-FOOT HIGH STEEL CAGE!!!

  3. michael says:

    haha!!! Awesome pic girls!!!! :D

  4. It almost looks like she’s fighting herself.

  5. Alexa says:

    Hahaha, I remember G. Willow Wilson tweeting about this. I’m glad someone got pics.

  6. I’ve seen Cloonan in person and she is one husky girl!!

  7. mark coale says:


  8. My first thought on seeing this photo: “great composition!” Looks like a cover idea :)

  9. Doesn’t Cloonan win by an Eisner?

  10. Typical DC cover.

  11. I’m just very happy that Cloonan didn’t punch me when I met her on Sunday.

  12. Best. Comments. Ever.

  13. haha, you loons ^_^

  14. Ricardo says:

    If BOTH were on the ground, THEN it would be a typical DC cover. Or some gorillas.

  15. The Xenos says:

    I sure hope there was Jello involved in the match. Though hopefully without fruit chunks. It got messy that time Loeb and Bendis duked it out in the Jello pit.

  16. Devyn Rodriguez says:

    I could make an immature joke here, but I won’t and I’ll just say that they are both very nice creators who are talented and just happened to be attractive.

  17. that pic is so sexy, it hurts.


  1. […] Cartoonist cat fight: In a previous edition of Linkarama, I had linked to a report of the rivalry between Becky Cloonan and Amy Reeder Hadley exploding into violence at MOCCA. According to The Beat, the two had it out again at last week’s Comic Con International, and, as they say in the funnybooks, Hadley got knocked the @#$% out! […]

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