Pekar and Moore tour for BEST AMERICAN COMICS

200610201158HE’S a curmugeonly filing clark from Cleveland. SHE went to grad school for Art History. But they’re on tour together to promote the BEST AMERICAN COMICS anthology! And they’re bringing their friends, and it’s going on TONIGHT!

2006 Tour for Harvey Pekar and Anne Elizabeth Moore

San Francisco:
Cody’s 4th St, Berkeley, panel, Friday, October 20, 7:00 p.m.
with Esther Pearl Watson, Justin Hall, Lloyd Dangle, and John Porcellino

The Booksmith, big offsite event held at All Saints Church, 1350 Waller St, panel, Saturday, October 21
with Esther Pearl Watson, Justin Hall, Lloyd Dangle, and John Porcellino

University Book Store, panel, Monday, October 23
with Jesse Reklaw and David Lasky

New York:
Galapagos Art Space, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, panel/party/slideshow, Tuesday, October 24
with Kurt Wolfgang, Jessica Abel, David Heatley, Kim Deitch, and Tom Hart

McNally Robinson Booksellers, NYC, panel, Wednesday, October 25
with David Heatley, Seth Tobocman, Alex Robinson, Tom Hart, and Kim Deitch


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    Good headline. I had to read the article on the off-chance you were referring to a crazy pairing of Harvey Pekar and Alan Moore. :)

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    If you want to see that crazy pairing, read Pekar’s OUR MOVIE YEAR … in it he recounts his visit with Moore and its a great scene.

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    Anne and Harvey were kind enough to stop by Comic Relief and sign stock in a “drive by signing”.

    I suspect other sttores not on the official tour may be so graced; so keep a weather eye peeled.

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